Friday, May 13, 2011

His-Story Began Album by Lissa

The Artist, Lissa, a young 50 year old, has brought a Unique Style of Music in her Albums. She plays each instrument and lays each Track one by one in her Studio of Mighty Warrior Productions. Without a Band or Group to aid in playing the instruments, she creates and composes on her own. With no hired Singers, she sings to her own music. She has added a variety of Mid-Eastern, Arabic, Hebronic Sounds with Rock, Rap, Pop, Metal, Punk and Funk. On her Double CD Album she has placed 20 songs in all. Disc 2 contains the Unique background Music as she narrates and sings background Vocals. Her latest Album is called, "Superhero" and is a Sound Track Album for an upcoming Movie Score.
As an Independent Artist who does not ask for Fame nor Fortune, she simply wants that people will find her Music and as a Ministry unto God. On one Album She easily composes Music for Commercials or a Movie Score. On another Album, She speaks boldly about God and Satan and will not holdback any punches in her lyrics. She refuses to be like the ones who live in fear, who refer to Satan as the one, "He who must not be named." Here is her testimony quoted during an interview at a local Church in 2008:"I gave my life to God after living a life of many ways. 15 minutes is not enough time to give you the full bout', but here's my Sci-Fi version explanation cut from 2 hours to 5 minutes: I was once on the Dark side of the Force with Darth Vader. There were a few family members who thought of Darth Vader as their Lord. I was apart of that Dark Force at one time which ended with me. And yes I like Sci-Fi. My life of many ways meaning, I lived a Bi-Sexual life. Always liked men but found it comfortable with women.I didn't use my God given gift of music for Godly means in the past. Instead, I began writing secular music with much sexual content. In the late 80's there weren't many female producers so I was observed closely. I was advancing in how to operate studio equipment and create tracks for my composed songs. After mastering this, I wrote a few songs that could be considered as Hits." "I met Jacque LaRue of RCA Records and she introduced me to a couple of small production companies. One company introduced me to many Record Labels. I was offered to sign a contract twice. But.....During a recording session at a Studio in Upland, near LA, something happened, long story. Anyhow, I gave my life to God. I left the next day and told my Manager that I decline everything unless it is music and lyrics to God. He told me that he was sorry to hear that and hung up on me. Trust me, this is really all in a nutshell because there is so much more to my testimony, but there you go." Lissa has written 300 plus songs over the years but remained in quiet and sang to God in private. Only on a few occasions did she sing at Churches or Events to her tracks. Not only did she believe that there should be a Musical Group backing her but she believed that her ministry was of deeper spiritual lyrics which some churches may not approve of which goes back to the “He who must not be named” issue. Lissa’s next Album though, will give even deeper Spiritual Truth (2014). She will be placing 10 to 12 songs on 1 CD which will bring forth the deeper Spiritual Truth’s not often spoken about. When asked by a friend who is a Musical Associate Pastor what her belief is regarding her next Album, she answers: “We are Spirit encased in flesh and without the Spirit, our flesh cannot live. This would explain why the scientific experiment of an actual Frankenstein never worked in 1975. It didn’t have a God given breath of life Spirit. Even God has a Holy Spirit right? but notice that I said Holy.” “I believe what the Bible explains to us, that we are surrounded by Angelic and Demonic Spirits that we cannot see, and that there is a Spiritual Battle going that we can’t see, yet some were given the extra senses to feel it. Let’s face it, Hollywood has made many movies that were based on what the Screen Writer has read in the Bible. We have the “Wizard of Oz”. Doesn’t Revelations mention an Emerald City? Fancy that. Then we have seen Horror Flicks that mention Demonic Names and have Symbols that are either Good or Evil. This has really made many think that it’s all made up in the writers mind. The viewer becomes desensetized to what is true and not. And what gets me, is that they don't realized that alot of that information is in the Holy Bible."“This is why we should pray for Wisdom from God. He then gives us his perfect wisdom to see the truth in every matter. We then decipher what is Holy and not. So as a writer, I also read the Bible and bring out the Truth's.I see that Satan tries to copycat and parallel everything that God has ever done and made. He will do anything, and I mean anything to make God look unreal. But enough of that for now. I will be singing and speaking about this in the next Album.”Recent questions were emailed to you, so I’ll ask some here.Do you find it easy to give your Testimony?"Oh yeah, I'm an open book, I've spoken to the masses at churches and most anyone in my presence. Why should I hide anything?"Do any friends give you negative feedback regarding your choice of faith?"Just a few did in the beginning, but most are mature and have that old saying, "to each his own" and they respect you for respecting yourself. Dual respect eh?" Do you find that some Christians are critical, lets say judgmental towards other Christians, or even you? "Okay now that's opening up a can of worms, really, because honestly if I can lay this out on the table here, first of all, yes is the answer. Christians are human, let’s not forget that. Believing in God and making an effort not to sin and asking for forgiveness through his son Jesus is the first part of Our walk. The second part is to minister his word to folks, sharing his Gospels. In ministering God’s word we are also to help one another, Christian or not. We are to give praise and honor to God. Jesus also says to help the poor and sick. Those are the primary things that we should do as Christians.In saying that, unfortunately there are those who would rather critique the whole world and thank God that they don’t have that power! When we come to God, we are to lay down the things that God detests right? So we are also to lay down our controlling behaviors, fears etc..We can be angry and it not be a sin, but it depends on the reason for the anger. Sounds complicated sometimes but it’s not. So some do come to God but still have their controlling behavior and they want to control how other people are in their walk. The Bible says to edify one another as Christians, it doesn’t say to insult or critique anyone.Another thing is that we are to have patience. If someone is not willing, not ready or not believing what the Bible reads, then why harass them? Just love them and move on and pray that they’ll one day experience the wonder of it all.
What personal comments do you have to give?
“Uh, well I think that people should recognize that some know church and some know God. Many know church and have a personal walk with church. But many know the True Living God of Creation who could have obliterated the earth but instead gave his Son Jesus. To explain this in 60 seconds, Blood is important to God. God made us perfect, but we sinned in the beginning, so our blood is not Holy.
At first God used the means to wipe out the earth with a flood and only kept those who really made the effort towards him, but there was still sin. The earth repopulated. Sin never left, so, when a people gathered together and made idols and were permissive to sinful deeds, God destroyed them. But sin was everywhere because “He who must not be named was around” Laugh, you know people should hear song number 10 on my second disc because it explains this, but anyhow, Jesus was in Heaven with God, read Genesis, God says, “Come let us make man”. He didn’t say “Come let me make man.”
Anyhow, after seeing that Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son to God, but God didn’t let him, God in turn allowed himself to sacrifice his only Son, Jesus, Holy Blood. That blood meant everything. It washed all the sin away so that God could look upon man for a time and forgive them. The sacrifice created a communion between us and Jesus to God. Remember, God can’t sin, nor break a promise. God cannot touch sin, nor look upon something sinful. So the Holy Blood of Jesus was his resolve, and Jesus was willing. And who are we to ever question the one who made us?
And as for Christians, I have a personal walk in God through Jesus, and only God is the author and finisher of my faith. Let’s do what we should really be doing.